Snakeee year, Valentine?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

How did you spent your chinese new year? Day 1, day 2 and day 3 has passed, now day 4 is going to end soon. Fulamak so fast?! ewww @.@ Can time don't fly too fast? TT  By the way, My CNY was like so-so, but I guess you all had an awesome beginning of the new year rite? It was great to have it.

Today is chu4, going out with bunch of coursemate to QB. Lol I love this movie! <3 br="" nbsp="">

Kinda like Elanne Kwong! She is very beautiful with sharp nose, charming eyes and sweet smile. Really melting watching her smiling. The Hero--BBB! Cute and chubby! 

Blissful family. =D

It is the valentine day. 14/2/2013 I guess every couples is ready for the time to come. Me? hah Having 2nd years of alone valentine day. So what? I have my dreams. =) Eiffel is my lovely partner! xD Greeting every couples that sweet forever. No matter what will be happened in the future, please think of the love between you all only action. 

This fellow start with E eh~ xD you better take very well care of my ah B ah! LOL. Happy valentine day to you both. Stay sweet kay? 

I hope I got the chance to 'like' your photo more frequently or everyday. LOL. Appreciate each other and happy valentine's day to both of you. =D 

And yeewen and edison leong, sorry that I couldn't find out your photo! =X happy valentine's day to you 2~
Ern yee and Dann Yeo. Happy sweet sweet day. =D 

Not only them, everyone must also appreciate the moment of being together ya. ^^

With loves.

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