Empty your cup.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Throughout this article, I'd like to share with you the most important thing in life. You know? The just born baby doesn't know how to speak on the first day he comes to this world, and walk too. How to speak and walk, or even climb? Just cause of someone is teaching him to do so. What was the baby doing? The baby was learning how to achieve the tasks given. Alright, time flies, days by days, months by months, and years by years, the baby becomes kid, teen and adult. The life cycle never stop. Being a kid, a baby needs to learn more and practice more so that the transformation would do. These steps are repeating until the kid becomes an adult. 

By here, you think your cup is at the optimal level? ideal level? or you are still feeling lack of something?
Having your cup full isn't the best. WHY? Because sometimes, in your own perspective of view, your may use your experience to judge something that you have seen right now. In critical thinking, the fallacy of ignorance is happened. By the way, what should you do?

Everyday, everytime, everyone is doing the same thing, is living. Every little single thing has 2 different kinds of view. Just between how you see them, how you feel them, how you judge them. It's all you decide.

'Empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality'___by Bruce Lee.

Learning is really very very important for us. It is not a part that we can skip. Learning is improving your skill. I know it may be sound boring, but I just wanted to share the essential that I learned just now. I bet everyone has pocket money or salary rite? alright, you can use part of them to buy some books to upgrade your knowledge, and enhance the skill that you did not learn during lecture or class. It sometimes can make you up-to-date. As my DD said, empty your cup everyday, you will find out everything besides you is your teacher.

Goodnight! =D

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