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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Aww! Inspired by this Sweet video just the moment ago. Well. Some people doesn't believe that he or she cannot change anything by just putting on one side effort which is mean as believing in the so-called fate. Some people may believe that 'Go ahead and do your best of what you want.' This kind of guy is awesome in some way. Well, life is ours, we can choose to have what type of lives we wanted to live on. Do the best so that never regret kay? 

hmm...In this brand new year, I wanted to try a very special thing which can change my life. Instead of struggling at the beginning point, why don't we just make a step forward. The step may not the guarantee success step,but at least you are responsible to yourself. Start moving forward and forward. Never give up, never regret. YCY~ lock you. xD

Some people asked me to give up that kind of business, I wouldn't. Coz they are not the one who are going to feed the rest of my parents' life. They are just simply giving their own opinion based on what they have seen coz they didn't have to be responsible on what they said. But they never give themselves a chance to witness the change of the truth.Well, I won't blame them, instead, I have the responsible to correct their mindset. =) 

From the left, me, my dear li qi and my 2nd dear li qian! 
My besties fellows. Aww! It was damn nice to have them in my life. See we were wearing the same specky and changing same profile pic and cover photo. It is quite hard to find a really super duper royal friendship, supportive, caring, 38 friend at this stage. Am I right? Lolz ~ We were chatting like 10 years never met friend. We 'reported' the every single happening in our 1st semester in our uni life. Glad that having the same target, hor my dear? *secret =D Cherish this friendship yea. 


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