Brandee new 2013.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013, Means a brand new meaningful fiscal year for me.
I'll be sitting exam on tomorrow, how sad. TT But gotta welcome the brandee new year on this special day-1/1/13. (please do not forget to change the year as most of us will keep writing 2012, I know u r still missing 2012. xD)

2013! Rock it babe kay? hah
Everyone should be excited with this brand new fiscal year. As everyone posted about the resolution for 2013, I don't think I have any resolution, but I hope everything I think could be all realised. =) First thing, Slimming Down! >< Well, my aim: Shut all those shitty ppl's mouth of keep emphasizing I look fat. 
Someday, I will let u all ask me to gain weight! LOL. Determined. =D I'll do what I say.

My mummy and I was attending counsin's bro wedding dinner. so-called-royal-wedding-ceremony. xDDD

To everyone will sitting on the exam start from tmr onward, Goodluck n all the best to u all! Score the max! yeah! 

With loves. 

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