Friday, January 04, 2013

How special is today huh? 5.2013.1.4
The rare date that we ever meet. Once for a lifetime.
Well, wish for all the lovers in this world go to the happy ending and happy in love.

I don't have any partner to be with me to go through this day. Sounds pity huh. hah.
But I got bunch of friends, blek! I got many lovers! xD muacks u all! ^^

Sometimes I feel that wanted to be in love but unfortunately there is no one for me to love of (except the dearest family and friends).
 But sometimes feel that love is fragile and brittle. Insecure can best fit it. hee.. 
hmm...hah. Alone and happy!

Study! TT waiting for 17.1.2013 to come~ Faster la wei! 

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