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Monday, December 03, 2012

Hello guys, it was a super Saturday with the grils. Another group of crazy girls. teehee. I don't much picha about the all of us coz my babe didn't follow me. =( But I came out with a little bit of photography. The skill I used is according to the Rule of Thirds. =) Can refer to the related link.

Let's see what I had from the shops. 
One bye one. =P

Big stripe wide sleeve singlet in blue and white from SEED.

Another white skirt from SEED too. Guess the price. It is only R9!! Cheap deal I ever bought. =D They are having 3 days promotion up to 70% off. 

One of my favourite tee. You can saw there are a lot of cammie printed on the singlet.

The classical purple singlet from brands outlet.

Another my favorr! teehee..I like the light pink colour. Rock.

The yellowish singlet again.

Ladies ladies attention! I found this in SEPHORA. This little cutie called Jumbo Colour Lip wand. Six-in one in which six different pinky combined in a stick. I fell onto it on the first seen.  Let's find out what is the difference. Xoxo.

Just turn one of the black cover will do. This is the 1st layer.

The 1st layer, the lightest colour of pink.

Again, the 4th and 5th layer also can be opened. Cute right?

Guess its price? It is just R39! They are doing a great X'mas promotion for the ladies. It's convenient especially in saving the place. It can replace of having six pcs of lip glosses in your makeup box.

The decor is nice in Pavillion. =) Purple X'mas tree. Ah kiam is the camera girl!

Stay tuned,
With loves.

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