Life of PI.

Monday, December 10, 2012

These fellows are my coursemy. The crowded street ever in Malaysia. I admit that place really not suitable for hanging around without any purpose. the reason: u noe i noe la. xD By right, we supposed to go back and rest after having our proper dinner which was Bak Kut Teh at Petaling Street (8/12/12). Since it was still that pretty early and we are not having enough fun so we decided to have 2nd round! woohoo~ MidValley the next. As roomy n me insist to watch Life of Pi, we chose it at the end. Besides, we ended up a day by watching 3D movie as the seats are limited and it was only front seats for 2D edition. So 'lucky' huh. LOL. But we never regret as 3D effect was much more better for this movie. Lovin it til the max. 

Tadaa! The poster of Life on Pi. The name of the hero is Piscine Patel. He always being laughed by his schoolmate and everyone when he introduced himself to everyone. Piscine sound like piss. LOL xD But it was not ease to be called by this way. Every time they asked him to introduce himself, he used to describe his name as Pi, the maths formula. He wrote the solution of Pi on a 3 short blackboards and every of his friends and even the teacher get impressed. =D Good to define a name like this. hah The most significant advice from his father, ''you cannot trust 3 religions at the same time!'' ahahahah! Laughing! Kinda crazy. All of us laugh non-stop especially my roommy, mariani! As he was small and do not have logical thinking, he just simply belief in 3 religions. Praying 3 times (with different religion) before eating. The scene was just LMAO. xD

Do you recognize this fellow? It is orange juice! All the audiences in the cinema laugh out loud when Pi is calling it as 'ORANGE JUICE!!' hah. 

Looks peace and breathtaking huh? The sea reflected the soul of the sky. For me, it was terrible though it looked perfect but actually you will be drown if you fall into the sea and find nobody could save you if you do not know how to swim. X.X  From day to night, night to day. The days passed and the time flied, he survived with the water and biscuit that stored in the sampan because he had no choice. He knew that he has to survive and NEVER LOSE HOPE. Writing diaries had been the only interesting thing that he could do. 

During the daytime, there is a superb hot sun over his head and I bet everyone couldn't bear it. Building this little pavilion letting him feel excited with this little cooling off. hah. So cute. 

Its name, Richard Parker. Why its name sound so special? Actually all of this are misunderstood. The Richard Parker belongs to a man while the tiger called Thirsty. But the author just messed up with the name of Thirsty and Richard Parker while recording down the incident in history. Richard Parker!! HAHAHA! Another laugh out loud scene.

It was pretty stimulate to watch the scene when he was fighting with Richard Parker. One would be strong when he come to hunger. He fight with it although he scare of him. Finally, he succeed in 'communicating' with Richard Parker. 

It is not easy to survive without determine. He even lost his family, father, mother and Ravi. He felt sorry to them as he didn't listen to his father. He lost his beloved, he got nothing but a life. He is determined to live. Salute to him. 

Life is full of challenge. Never lose hope even you are in the edge of life. Sometimes, miracle wasn't impossible. Instead, it is the only hope that make you to live better. =) 

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