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Friday, December 07, 2012

The UMCO has hold a concert just by last week. The very recent event that I attended. hah xD By right, I plan to settle down my assignment and bla bla bla but ended up with having concert night. =.= I never regret since the performances are just awesome especially with 2 Suo Na solo. 大开眼界啊!长气公唢呐协奏也可以那么的惊人。最喜欢的歌曲莫过于蜕变、蓄势,女子十二乐坊的奇迹、自由,呐喊之电视风云(唢呐二重奏),以及enchoe曲One Night in Beijing. High 爆啊!Every time I went to the concert to get myself overwhelmed in the rhapsody lake, I feel relief. Besides, I always have the sudden ohm and excitement to go up to the stage and perform with them together. =) That's so-called-职业病! hah 

Temporary tricky with having pattern. No doubt, pattern inherited by my buddy. The pattern king. hah! I noe I m pong but I don't think I m gaining my weight. =X Okay luu.. Losing weight plan started! hah! 

Having frequent nightmare recently. I don't know why I keep dreamed about the aeroplane. =.= Cheese! Having dream sometimes made me exhausted. Ended up with taking nap in the afternoon. Quite blissful rite? Oh yeah~ Should I thanks my dream? =.= 

I found that some people are keep blogging about the article with the virus of emo. Not Good MAN! Hey, you were born to enjoy, no to emo. Keep all the emos away, just enjoy your life, just get by it with full of fun. =D 

I don't know who is really living inside the tough , hard shell. Seriously, but every time I found something new, the shell is detected you. Just confuse that you may be not belong to the shell. The shell isn't your house but you broke through it. 

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