Irreplaceable Memory.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

I have thousand words to say but I couldn't find a right way to express. I think here could be the ideal place for all of it. xoXo. There is already 3 months I've been here. Of course, a lot of things happened. Get some colour for my lovey hair and it is my lovey dovey purpie. =) Unfortunately, it faded. Now I am having a deep brownish hair. wink wink***

In the water, we get high! Yeah. It was my 1st CC trip of UM at Port Dickson. Well, before going to the trip, lotsa friends told me that 'Port Dickson isn't a fun place to travel.' =.= The main point wasn't the place but the people. oh yeah, BONDING! I like them and they like me. (=X) 

Well, this one we took during opening ceremony of PTUM which defined as Pesta Tanglung UM. Could you find out 4 pretties from accounting faculty? ahah! That are us! Man kiam kiam, sweetie jessie, me and cutie wei en! xD. We enjoyed that night much.

This fellow is my Doreamon. teehee. He looks charming when playing the drum. Pong Pong Pong Qiang! 

This fellow, pattern king buddy! ahah! My faculty buddy who named Seck Khee.

Tada! with the sweetie + pretty Wei en! Your sound very sweet and I like the moment when you scream or naggy. I think we are co-buddy rite? yeah! I got a leng leng buddy.

His birthday was on 27 September.  The only thing I can do for him is trying of taking down his most handsome moment. =P ahah! Happy birthday guy! 

The very first time I played Badminton in UM. I enjoyed it much! Sorry for the not talented. I hope you guys will organize it again n again! Love it yeah.

Sometimes, my !! isn't show anger but the most cheerful moment. =)
Stay tuned. Goodnight. xoxo.

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