Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to everyone. X'mas day came means that it was the end of a year. Followed by New Year 1st Jan 2013. So fast, the time flies like a rocket. Huh. Good or Bad? Hah.. Whatever, the most important is present. =)

As I can't manage to post an article on the so-called-doomsday on 21 Dec 12 and double 2012 (20.12.2012) , so I get to grab the chance on posting on this memorable day. =>

What to do in this Christmas day? I am still in the study week man. == Study and......SHOPPING! Yeah~
Guess what I got?

Floral printed derby shoes from forever 21, greenie shorts and baby blue shorts from P&CO., reddy singlet from forever 21 and a pair of sandals from Vincci. 

These are the one I fall in love the most. Finally get myself a pair of derby shoes as it is a trend now. Quite cool with it. =D Satisfied**

So it is a day. Everyone do enjoy the X'mas festival with your beloved ya. =)

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