To be or not to be.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2B o nt 2B?
I just LOL when seeing this kind of abbreviation appeared in my speaking textbook.
The people nowadays are making too simplify for everything.

My college CC trip was just ended last day. I was enjoyed although I got sunburn. =.=
1st day we get to wake up earlier so that we would be able to reach Port Dickson before 12pm I thought. hehe, My roommates in this trip are KPM, Yi Wei & Siew Woon! But due to some personal inconvenience, Yi Wei change to the other room and then Lee Woon moved in and mui siang for the 1st night, carmen n jin ying for the second night. LOL XD I had crazy headache in the evening n I skipped one talk during tat night. TT
But it was ok after 2 hrs sleeping. =P
The 2nd day was the most enjoyable day ever! Full with playing water the whole day! woohoo!!
Though I m not the one who noe to swim well. teehee..but still love it. =D
Play til to the fullest! the ever popular word is YAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! haha
credited to our yannshan jie jie! xD
A lot of things happened in these 2 days and gonna be a part of memory among all of us in CC.

to b or not to b? it is a question or a desire? LOL
I duno~
=D stay tuned.

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