I am proud of Penang.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

2nd July, the girls' gang W'S'YZ got a gathering. W'S'Z went to Georgetown, Penang to have photo shooting and W is the photographer. =X hah! We enjoyed at all! 

We aimed of finding these street painting and finally I got them as the collection. Wink*
This was found at Armenian Street, Penang. 

This shot was at Chew Jetty. I was there again and again. The first time I went with shin buddies.
The second time I went there after sunset so there have been no more daylight colour for me to capture anything. The third time I eventually got the warm colour that I long for. Thanks to Z's helping  hand of capturing this. =)

Thanks to Z again! hah..

The dragon! Look naive and creative. at Ah Quee street.

The motor youth.

The telephone booth at the love lane. =D

Cannon street. The boy. =)

This is a cafe actually. Kinda leisure to have your high tea as the foreigners love it much.

Finally the birthday girl's turn to be here. Ta da! We plan for giving her a surprise actually. I tip-toe to the cashier there is just for order them to take out the cake without her notice and so that she will shocked. But the end the chef still said loudly 'You want the cake already?' =.=...and some more put the cake on the table without lightning the candle yet. ZZZ! really ruined it! aiz...
Haha, but as long as she will like it. 

Here come the new born gang W'S'YZ! 

I am lucky to have you all in my life. I am really appreciate it.
With love. 

For more photos, please have a look here ya!

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