Full house.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Someone have pending for many months, finally she get to here. FULLHOUSE is the restaurant of the day. LOL
It is a great place for couple actually. =D
And it is also the very first full house branch in Penang. XOXO.

Here come the set lunch drinks n soup of the day, they are iced lemon tea and carrot soup.
The soup is kinda salty and full with aginomoto! ><

She personally very like this one. xD

I am not the photogenic. Sigh~

This is my lunch. Baked Dory. The sauce is tasty and the fish too. Good to try actually.

This is chicken teriyaki burger. The chicken is so hard to munch actually. overall...........heeee

Here come the little drawing board. So cute.

My menu of the day, Pan sear dory fish with Asia green. The menu is look like a magazine. So awesome wey! xD

The significant car of the restaurant. mini cooper fever.

The little cutie bird cage with 2 pigeon inside. =)

Even the name card is so cute! 

The pigeon on the wall. Going to fly.

The pedicab. 

Ignore my fatty legs! ><~

 The photo of the day! tadaaaaaaaaaaaa! heee....R we twins? Nope exactly. xP

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