Saturday, June 16, 2012

I dialed up *100*9*1*2# to check my phone credit balance. The due date is 21/6 and yesterday was 15/6.
My gosh! ----> you maybe will thought that I am sure over my limitation and having a seriously high cost payment. U are definitely wrong. It is still rm20++ which mean still RM 10 far away from RM30. I have to use up of rm30 every month due to the package terms and conditions. Hmm....Thinking of finding people to contact with. Looking at my contact list, seriously, I found no one. LOL!
I don't know. Visited his house yesterday. I felt that I was not struggle of anything but it just a gathering make me relief. His mum still that good as well. Since yesterday, I only knew that he changed a lot. He lives in a very hard condition began with zero and now is 50% maybe. hah xD Good to hear this actually. All of us must have positive thinking right? We hope for the best, do the best and pray hard.
Another chapter is that I had a met up with CK at chatime. I really hard to believe him to arrive at raja uda in just 5 mins from sungai puyu! hah! CRAZY man! =P to CK, u r really a nice friend to talk with. I was very enjoyed to chat with you. I hope that we both can make it real---purely friendship between girl and boy (纯友谊)xD!
I didn't scare of lonely, I just feel bored with it. Maybe I have to find something meaningful to do as well. =)
That's all for sharing.

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