Monday, May 21, 2012

'Holiday' at Sakae @ Sunway. C

Hah! As most of the people know, I am working as a waitress at Sakae sushi. Wearing uniform which is looked like a tree means that the uniform is green in colour. Grey scarf on the head and a bun hide inside it sometime tightly cover my head and make me feel unease. But, it is just for sanitary as well. =) Though it is not an easy job as the Sakae at Sunway.C is the biggest branch in Malaysia, it is fun by the way. Walking to the kitchen, having joke with colleagues and some more beating around with Philipine labour. hah! I am having fun! woohoo!!!


Before that, I thought that talking is a hardest mission for me to fulfill so not to mention even socializing. Hah! But, for this part, I want to thank for my matriculation, it taught me that socializing can be really amazing. To Rachel Chaw Lai Peng, you are really a special girl that I ever meet. Because of your courage, the spirit of 'never scare' (hah xD) have taught me that socializing really a benefit in lifetime. In you, I have learnt that life is too short, we shouldn't afraid of everything, we just got to do whatever we like as well as it is not misbehavior. Throughout socializing, we could help to improve other impression to us. It's great that we could communicate well with those fresh encounter people. People normally used it to build up self-business development but it is undeniable that it can be used in daily life. Never try, never know. Never ask, never get. When I meet up with relative and friends, I will always never refuse to chat with them. =D hah. So, start to build your interpersonal relationship for the daily life purpose or anything.

Have you ever know that how to do wasabi? It is just very simple thing. Pouring cold water ( if you want to be touched, hot water is suggested as it will stimulate your tear gland with extreme effect) into a container which contained wasabi powder inside. Mixing the powder with the cold water and twisting. It will stimulate your eyes and tear will automatically drop out. hah! Quite funny and it is awesome. You may think that I am insane. I just like abnormal thingy. muahahahah xD

Smiley always the best reward
As we are on service, what we do are just serving customers. It sounds simple but it is not that simple as you think. Working, working and working. Time flies really soon as what I expect. Although my days always end  up with tiring, but when customers throw a smile to me, I feel warm. My heart will be warmed up by those warmly smile on their faces. The best make up is smile. =) I love seeing everyone smile. Yeah, do wear your smile often ya! Another happy affair that make me smile is that the compliment of the people around me. When Tze Fang said, "I like to see your eyes because they are so beautiful." hah! Girls like compliment as well. hee. She said I grow more beautiful. =) Hearing beautiful words are the greatest way to feel good.


 As my vacation start, I have to work hard for my interview for first. Holiday put aside. Everyday is hectic with those artwork in order to be well prepared for the presentation in the interview. Thanks for giving this golden opportunity to take part in it. My very first touch on the info of Archi. It is my first step. Throughout the whole process, I realize that being an archi is not that easy as normal thought. hee. These are all I did for my interview.

The only drawing that used up my one day time.

Does it looked like white horse prince? Hope that all of the girls can find up your true love.

Oh my little Diana F+, it is cute and attractive.

The paint seemed to be easy but its difficulty is hidden.

Red flowers.

The colourful heart shaped paper art.

The overall artwork! My greatest work within 5 days. That twin towers used up my 2 days time and it required patience and spirit. I hope that my hardwork will be rewarded by short-listing me as one of the 40 students for BA of Ar at UTM. =) Wish me luck. <3 

These creations are very awesome and they fulfill my satisfaction of art. At first, I went to USM to have my very first interview of archi. You know, the panels were just too funny. Before that, I thought it will be a very strict condition. But it ended up with a funny full stop. The whole interview is quite relaxing. The first question of the panel is that 'Are you sure you are 4-flatter?' hmm, Is that my face look like cheater?? haha...xD 

On the other hand, a trip to UTM, KL is in way awesome. hah! My dad and I went through the whole night in KTM. The train was really very bery broke in surface. We can't sleep well. hah. you can see the bed I laid on the entire night. hee =D The shaking of the train wasn't so nice to experience. Before long, we reached KL. Sooner switch to the scene of interview. UTM has a latest offer that only 5 years of the lesson, we can get a master qualification and cert. Oh ya! It is so great! Start from the moment I heard the news, my mind change, and I aim for it. haha. But the memorable part was that, when I showed out my artwork in front of the panel who is a female PHD professor, she was surprised by me. She said, 'I want to take the picture of you so that I could remember you.' ^^ Finally she helped me to took the photo of me with my artwork. hee. I was really happy with that word for the whole day. Although I am not so talented in presenting my artwork by oral, I will try my best to learn more. 

I am still waiting for the coming of August. I want to see you all, my kms kaki! I miss u all badly! hah xD There are a lot of mysterious places that have been discovered and I am going to bring u all to play around. I am really await for it. Faster coming babe! yeah ^^
teehee. xD

hmm...Introduce to u all, this is my new blog's link . It is the place that I reveal my secret. The deepest of mine will be displayed. If your want to know me more, just take a look. I will always welcome you.  =)

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