Cammie babe!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Bought a new cammie with love! woohooooooooooo! <3 It it my baby! Finally I get it! As I long for it almost a year. The special very thank to The Power by Rhonda Byrne as the power brought what I dreamed of to me. Firstly, I am feeling super well in having my babe with repetition and imagining what would I do when I have it. It works!  =D Be honest, I am not that skillful as professional photographer because Imma just a beginner! hah! xD But I promise that you r my forever companion which accompany me to explore every single corner of the world and capture down every single breathtaking moment in life. Life is too short, only picture will never change even the people, places and everything in it. My babe, promise to accompany me to go through the whole life and witness the process of growth. Witnessing outing with besties or family, dating with VIP (unknown xD), working as an archi, stepping on another new chapter of life the forever partner and it is so-called wedding until being the storyteller of my children's life and finally is the picture holding hands with the love one with a grey hair look. These moments couldn't be missed. =)

I've watched Ella & Alvin's wedding video. Both of them are sweet and hot couple! Some more short brilliant red dress and hot dance as the can't-missed-out part in the opening remark. Together with some bold action especially when Alvin was touching Ella's thigh and chest. Hah! It is an eye-opener! Admiring their boldness. =D By the way, wish them forever happiness! It is so hard to find the true love. As we found it, we should appreciate it. But I am still admire Catherine Fan and Blackie Tan! They both super duper sweet! 还记得我们的承诺吗? 一定要幸福快乐!(虽然我们每天都在幸福!哈哈!不是那个幸福啦)是真正的幸福!我的挚爱,祝你们永远幸福快乐。  <3 

Stay turn for my interview and the end of the matrix life. =)
Best regards.

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