Monday, April 02, 2012

It's April.
The month which I long for since last year.
Hah, it comes eventually. By all means, I'm sure wish to leave here as soon as possible as I don't like the stressful life over here. But, what is in my heart is that I'm still willing to live with all my friends and feel don't wanna leave them. Unfortunately, we are from different state and we have to go back to our hometown since we come here is just for study Pre-U. Because of Pre-U, we are tied together, and because of the end of the semester, we have to be apart with each other. Sobs! I will miss u all I'm sure!

I'm still remember we have just 3 came to KMS and it's only 3 while other matriks will have more than 3 schoolmate. Unluckily, I am staying at another hostel which is not same with the other two. But it's ok, I can get used to it soon. =)
I got to know that one more schoolmate are coming to here, excited with it.

What the scene right now is, all people are changing include me.
But I still can't accept the changes of the people who surround me. Sometime, I recall of the beginning, compare to what had happened in recent, I'm shocked with the changes. Hah.
We suppose to be like that, but sometime, life do drive us crazy and experience,too.
Sigh of it. Hmm...

I hope you guys don't lost yourself.
Just go back to our pure origin. =D

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