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Friday, March 16, 2012

Hmm...Where to start from?
Just start from the origin! xD
A lovely mama and a caring papa just gave birth a baby girl on 15 March 1993.
19 years ago, the girl is having her birthday in a strange state which is far from her hometown called Selangor.
The girl is here very thank to her parents and saying : " I love you all, papa n mummy! " ^^

Thanks for the akaun siao kia who celebrate my birthday with me at KMS!
Li qi, Thank you very much le! You rush to outing was just for buying me the birthday cake! 'M appreciate very much here! Although the cake is looked like very XXX...haha..I do really duper very berry like the dress that u gave me! One day I will wear it and appear in front of u...muahahha....=P Love u qiqi! Muacks!!
Shin,Jac angry birdAh yuyunn yee aka momoAh ni, thanks for ur present ya!! I very like it! ^^ hehe...The bag very cute!! Love u all! Muackssssss.....
Hwa XunJun linkar heng, thanks for your planning! hah..I was so stupid that get cheated by jun lin that we will be having Talent Show meeting right now. LOL...=)
Chu tingLee yongChin wernJessie, Yuky yu qi, Xiao hui, Thank for ur coming ya! Without you all, the celebration never complete!
Jia chi  Thanks for being my bestie ya and celebrate my big day! ^^
Lai Peng, Ur birthday is just after 2 days of my birthday. So great to celebrate with you. Thank you anyway! Have a blast. =)
Seow En, I am sorry that delay your sleeping time just because of making the birthday card for me! Very touching man! My best Kuliahmate ever! Thank you ya sweety! Love u~
Pui yi, I did a very shameful thing last night, I sent the message to you that jun lin sent to me that ask me to go meeting for urgently. Ended up with u at 1BTX just stood in front of the cake! Xia sui! Muahahaha....anyway! Thanks for the celebration ya!!
Li qian!! My kuliah bestie!! Mind me to call u chuah lee kheng kheng here? haha....once only i am the biggest, so nvm right? hehe...Thanks ya for your wishes and the card! wo hen xi huan! Wo ai ni peng you! <3 ~
Suddenly " Happy birthday to you~" Li qian asked: " 今天谁生日?" haha! Me la ah ba! muahaha... I think that was started by Elfie. Special thank to Akaun Kuliah 2!! When the last kuliah ended, U all sang birthday song for me! I was very touching! Although it is only the song, I am still very happy and glad to be the same kuliah with u all!! Thank you very much! ^^
To Sha de, thanks for ur card, I very like it! and ur present, tuna bread, all of that! Thank you very much~ =)

Here are the photos to be shared:

the card and me!  

 ba jiao shu, monalisa and 007 bangs!

 The birthday cake from shin, jac, yu, momo n jingni! terbakar!!

 by the sho lou~ ^^
It seemed like a set eh!, dress + bag + earrings + bracelet. Haha xD! I am very appreciate! =)

The ever best A2 kuliahmate-seow en, lee kheng and pui yi, yuky, my beloved dear-li qi, and jia chi

These are all the cards that I had received today! Thank you so much! =)

And the book! I will finish it before I sleep! =)

我真的很开心, 有你们帮我庆生, 真的,今天是我过得最美好的生日了!哈哈。。很感动!
我会好好的珍惜的,你们给我的惊喜,我没齿难忘! 哈哈。。谢谢你们的祝福。。我爱你们! 么么么!!! 
Well, actually I have a dream.
I wish everyone can live happily all the moment! Laughter always the best medicine! =)

I wish everyone can always in the pink health and take care! =D

I wish I can bring you home after I finish my Pre-U study at Selangor Matriculation College. =)

I wish I can a fashion designer one day and standing on the world stage with my masterpiece. =D

I wanna cam whore over the world and discover all the beautiful moment all over the world! 

I wish this design will be selected in order to get scholarship from The One Academy, travel in Paris.
Last but not least, the most important is study the fashion design course! =D

Be gorgeous, fairer and slimmer like you Christine Fan! 

Hehe...That's all for my wishes in this year! =)
Hope all of these will be realized. =D

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