KL 2011 trip part 1

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today, someone complained me about the absence of KL trip in my bloggie. =S
Sorry ya. Do enjoy now! =)
These article will be parted into 4 parts due to the big amount of photo to share. sigh*
Let's start with the Day 1!

Guess what is this? This is my very first time to go to a destination by  ERL. hah...Don't laugh me kay, I am a Penangist and never go to KL since young. =X
Well, we first started our journey by bus to Putrajaya Sentral then sit this ERL to KL sentral.

These two are in the ERL! got yunn yee, shin, me and kawaii d Li qi. =)

After 3 hours journey from Banting, we finally safely reach KL. We headed to Times square and then Inn to put out luggage first. hee~ Me and jaclyn at Times Square. =) After taking dinner, we straight walked to Times Square and went for window shopping and snappie as the shopping mall is located so near with our Inn. 

The natural look without looking at the camera. hah xD

 Yunn yee with Dress??!! Yunnyee:'See what??!! I can also wear it!' hah!

Hahaha! They two sat on the pinky chairs! Kinda cute!!!! 

We just played around with our cammie and the mirror of shop lots and we even scolded by the shopkeepers and stopped to take photo by them.

Yunn yee with her sister ~Mono took picture because her name is Monica! xD

We ate this! The mushroom soup inside the bread! hehe..yummy! first try!

After that we headed to Gong He Tang to eat gui ling gou.

These 2 fellows became superstar finally.

This fellow lost her spec so she have to redo a spec and finally she found this.

 Secocok?? hahaha =X

Socks world!

Well, end the first day with this photo. =D

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