Thursday, January 05, 2012

Oh well~ It's 2012 (two-o-twelve) already!
Sorry to my readers, I didn't have any countdown article for my blog because the line of internet.
It does matter right? I will fill the piece of puzzle soon! hehe

Since the movie 2012 had been played in cinema, it represent the sign of doom day.
so horrible huh?~~
And I search for the picture of 2012 but the background is dark blue in colour, it symbolize the same thing- doom day. =.=~
Well, I won't believe it. We will live as long as we have the desire to live on.
Please do whatever you can to save the earth, our planet, human's house. ok?

Well, wish everyone has a better year in 2012,
stay healthy and live in happy moment.
Do achieve your goal and realize your dreams~ ^^

To be continued.
Next article will be the KL trip among ourselves and without parential guidance.
Stay tuned.

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