Saturday, October 08, 2011

Prior to this, I attended a course which was held just now (8am to 4.30pm) and organised by Pn. Aminah, our umi (she wants us to call her like that). Why should I attended this course? It's because I had been selected as PRD which stands for Pembimbing Rakan Dinamik. (责任重大huh~) xD

I've learnt a lot! Very satisfied! hah~
I didn't regret that I didn't go home.

Let's me start with Know Yourself.
Firstly, you should know who you are.
Next is your personality.
They gave us total 4 psychology tests which I felt very useful and meaningful.
Throughout the first step, I knew that my personality is more to commerce, artistic and socializing.
All of these suit my ambitions which are quantity surveyor, designer and actuarer. hah (So greedy)
After that, we went for Self-Management test.
From that, I knew that my study method is moderate, not too good and not too bad. hah!
I have to improve myself a little bit.
Come to the next is the test of Talent and Weaknesses.
It tested out that I am an extrovert person (but I'm not think so =X). When I am facing conflict, I will berate and blame on myself first and it stated that I am motivative and committed. (wow) haha...
Let's say my weaknesses. I am very possessive, if I'm falling in love on someone and be with him, I will very protect him and emotional. Apart from this, I like win-win mode.
hah! It's all correct! (bingo)
While, last test will be the Listening Skill. 
It proved that I am not so focus when somebody is talking with me or during lecture. I have to grab my concentration on listening to others. (hnnn~~~)

As a PRD, we should Listen, See, Do and Tell.
As a PRD, we should face the problem instead of escaping.
As a PRD, we should find out the factor which affect one the most in order to help others in solving their problems.
As a PRD, we should have good physical appearance, good emotion management, strong thinking skill and a mind to change others' behaviour.
As a PRD, we should teach our friends, advise them and change their behaviour.
As a PRD, we should learn to comprehend, investigate, identify, implement and evaluate.
As a PRD, we should think fit, think smart, think business, think work and think success.

In brief, I learnt a lot throughout the talk! It's worth to stay here and listen to the talk. Other than that, we have earned 4 free meals! (bahahaha) =D

That's all my sharing! Thanks for dropping by.
Best regard with Love.

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