Decision changes the life

Friday, September 30, 2011

It's no doubt that decision could change the whole life of someone.
I will never regret that I chose to further my study at Selangor Matriculation College.
It is changing my thinking, behaviour and life.
Well, it started with the distance between home town and school. It's such a very big matter for me! hah
But, I enjoy the life here very well.

Today, I watched out how the Independence Day programme was carried out. For them (Malay), Independence day is a very vital day for them and the patriotism was burning vigorously. First try on this! It was amazing. I love the spirit which was overwhelming very well. =)

To someone,
Mention here again, I thank you again!
Because of ur decision, it changes me totally.
I felt that the life not only exist love. Instead, friendship and family are the most important for me.
I love my family.
I love my friend.
I love myself.
And I just love everything which is belong to me. =)
You have given me the chance to love everything, everyone and every time.

To another one,
Hopefully, u will be the right one for me.

Best Regard,

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