Wednesday, May 11, 2011

hmm...I am actually not decisive one. hah. Until 28 April, I will be informed to get a seat in Matriks at selangor. LOL. At first, I am not intend to go. After much consideration, I decide to go for it as long as I got my friends same place with me. They Jaclyn aka ar cheh, Kai shin, Ern yee aka tutu. yeah! =) hope I can get what I want in the future. =) All the best to everyone who is studying now especially Form 6 ginna! =)

Below is my recent album. A flirt, wild and rock album. =P

My current profile pic at facebook. rawr!!!


This one so hiao! OMG ><

>_< I want to eat you!

Looked like very suffer a neh! lol

o.O 1~

Emo. ==

End of the post. I just want to try out the different photography style. =)

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