The release of SPM result

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hey guy! I am here to blog about my SPM result. The result is satisfied but I still feel not perfect because my BM get grade B+!! So shit man! hah~ I nearly get A- in Bm, if not, I will get straight A's! haha...It's over! I am still very happy with my result ^^ Congratulation to those who get excellent result!
This fellow same result with me!
Zeezee! My lovely sis!

What to do next? F6? A-level? Matrikulasi?
hah! I can tell you I totally anti-F6! It's because I don't want to be a prefect again in the same school! The teacher advisor is annoying! haha! =X
A-level? I am still considering! I have to ask some details and do research first! I am still finding the course with cheaper tuition fee.^^ Wish me luck here!
Matrikulasi? I have no idea with it. I even not bother it. =P

Yeah! I know what I want to study already! It's Quantity surveying! ho!
I feel super excited and I am awaiting the course coming. ^^

To those who not yet decide what course you want, please think carefully and kindly do research to broader your thinking. Think carefully ya^^

Stay tuned, Bye!

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