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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sorry, I am a lazy blogger! It is March, but I didn't have any article for March. This one is the first one.=P hehe

Let's talked about last week. My Sweetie's birthday! =)

me n zee in the ferry! oh my hair look natural brown! bahaha

the birthday girl and zee (ur head so big n cute! =P)

Three of us! cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! Three sunny girl! (oops!!!)

At Canton-i, dun hide up ur mouth la, braces girl =P

I capture u, u capture me! xD

I found this one inside the menu of Canton-i, damn cute rite?

Me with the birthday girl. Sorry yay, we can't get to celebrate with you on the right date--->4/3/2011. hehe Hope that you happy with the day!

Is he cute! =) sunny baby! muacks!

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