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Thursday, January 20, 2011

There is two weeks before CNY! wow!
Let's rock our Chinese New Year! And Valentines' day too!

Recently, I am falling in love on scarf!

Are they looked colourful?

Abstract enough! I like it~

Plain but warm.

So colourful!!!

Although Malaysia is hot enough, I still bought two scarves for trend up!
wooooooooots. Apart from this, I am still love singlet recently ^^

I had three singlet for CNY ady! What a singlet fever I am! hah

Since my panda eyes get serious and serious, I bought this Salmon Brightening Eye Serum from Skinfood. Hope that my dark circle of eyes will be brightened. =)
Well, my shopping mood still cannot stop. I am still not enough! hah =X
Next, sometimes, I will feel very freak when traffic jam! hah. Some of the cars go slowly when the traffic light is turning from red to green at the peak! Damn it! Those drivers are so irresponsible, so I have to wait for second round. pffffffffft!
Lastly, my temporarily job is kindergarten teacher.I will quit the job soon. =)
Because of the children, my voice turn to very not sweet. =P

These are all my recent life. Demand for more, pay for more. =)
Bye! Stay tuned~

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