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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sorry readers, it was a week ago since new year. I am now only blog for the new year. I know I am late. =P

hmm........I found a job as a kindergarten teacher and luckily Geikting & Kohlee work with me. Then I will not so bored anymore. =) I got much more feelings when I am working. Well, I admit that I am not suitable for the job because I don't like teaching actually. I can't change my position right now, because I got no chance. Well, just do it! Actually this is not the first time working, this is my second job, but I felt that working is an easy stuff. It's quite hard actually. All the technics including talking with others, speeding up the speed of working are very very very important. Oh my godness! This realises that I am stepping on this real community and I will be tested. What a life-after-SPM~ ewwwwwwww Honestly, I miss my secondary life! I miss my friends. I miss U all! <3>

A month after, there will be the Chinese New Year. hmm...new year costume? I am still feel not enough by the way. =X

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