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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Trial is over. I need to take a breathe. So, I got bed at 9.47pm. It is such early! xO.
Trial is over, it states out that SPM is very near to me, my frens and all f5 students!
wacha! everyone gambateh!! this is our last fight!

Staying up with dreams. my blog is entirely full of dreams. No doubt, I like to dream wat!
It is my characteristic. =)

I have totally fall in love on Canon 60D! It is awesome. It functions just simply not alike with other DSLR. For old style DSLR cameras, the photographers have to screw their eyes and close to the very small shutter screen to take photos. But 60D has provided the High Resolution wide 3.0" Vari-angle LCD monitor. With it, users' eyes will not suffer again! It is worth but it is too costly.
My ideal cam. I will get 'you' (60D) home! ahah~

Another dream again, The One Academy!
I wish to study art at here. My dream school. I hope to, I hope toooooooooo.
Let's fight for scholarships!

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