Monday, October 04, 2010

Time is passing just like a rocket. It is October man. I still have SPM.
ok, well..Let's talk about today!

P/s: I am not blaming science stream students but I hate those only concentrate on science stream students eh people.
The social director of Nagoya University had a seminar with F5 students today. All the good words are talked primarily.(it's sure!) At the end? Science stream here science stream there. Is the world only SCIENCE STREAM STUDENTS ALIVE?!!! If the seminar is only for science stream student, then call us to go to the PSG for what?! Wasting our energy ang time. phu hoooooooooooooooooooi!!! It is unfair! I hate discrimination!

That Mr.Su. A worst person too. I have the fire which want to threw my shoes to him! hah..
scrience stream here science stream there. hng! Comus students still can do the best! We are still alive.

A couple weeks ago, I was still working hard for my trial exam. hah. The very first time of this two years that I burned midnight oil. Please god! Bless good result.

Last, due to less capturing, I lost my capturing technic! oh no~~I need to find good angle after adapt the condition.

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