Despicable me!

Monday, July 26, 2010

this is just an article special for despicable me!
it is the movie of yesterday..
my third favourite after knight and day
the movie is so funny!
everytime i think the scene that ever appeared in the movie, the scene make me laugh non-stop!

Here is the poster of the movie.

these are the minions in the movie. the most funny character in the movie..laugh!!!

the little girl is very cute! 'are you annoying? (bububububu)'
laugh die me!

I want to mention a scene... really laugh die me! there are 3 minion around the photostating machine.. a sheet of paper was photostated out from the machine, the other two minions laugh when they looked at the paper.. how about the other one? whatare they laughing at? unpredictable, one of the minion sat on the machine and photostated out his buttock! hahahahaha! the one who sat on the machine also laughed at his butt picture! after laughing, they sounded 'butt'. Funny MAN!! this movie is JUST FOR LAUGH.

dad! and the 3 adopted daughters! happy family..

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