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Saturday, July 10, 2010

share some photos with you here.

this is the-so-called-face to light-and-back light-photo. hah. my emotion looks weird i know because i din't sleep well will wonder that why i wore the jacket under the sun? for hiding skin purpose. hah. it was a drop of sweat at my neck. SIGH*

It was a morning of glory of 10th July 2010. Market aunties was carrying their jobs for their families. No doubt, it was located at Air Itam Penang.

They are nescafe ice and milo ice.

I found a funny and beautiful corner for capturing.

Are they looked gorgeous? I found them at the pasar too!

On our way back from Penang, my mum headed to Billion at Seberang Jaya.I saw the flourish heels. So much loveeeeeeeee it!! I like this photo the most!

wonder why my umbrella was hung at the tree? It is because we were taking our lunch and the umbrella must have its place too!

by yeewen a.k.a yuyu

by me a.k.a susu

stay turned...

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