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Sunday, June 27, 2010

we planned to have a photo shooting day for graduation magazine one,
we headed to botanical garden from school.
we were lacking of time,
the bus driver was going to fetch JS students at 4.30pm >
so he only can fetch us back at 3pm.
i wanted to play!

this is the photo of the day and i like this the most, i mean me only =P (sorry xingyan!)
so, we decided to stay at Qb as we must watch a movie after leaving penang.

hah. the most satisfied photo for me =)
before heading to cinema, we had our sneak at Kim Gary, there was effin many ppl~

this is the rice that i ate that day.
ding, tai and me decided to watch haunting lover

but it was so late, so Knight and Day was the movie of the day!
it was very bery nice lah!
i like tom cruise~
he is so handsome!
awesome and funny after Alice in wonderlands.
it's as called as my second favorite in this year!
this is called as lucky?
the movie made us high until we went back when we got down from ferry.
i can't stop praising the movie lah!
Nice! Great! Awesome! SUPERB!!!

when we were in the ferry.

the wind made our hair flied like grass asap~

my eyelids were so horrible enough. sigh!

ding's legs and mine =)

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