i can make it possible.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the time flies like a rocket.
the needle of minute turn faster and faster.
the passing of date makes me stress and even crazy and emo!

i realise that i am still a unmature teenager. hah.
having dilemma with the stuffs between friend.
though cooperative can make one thing become perfect and wonderful, but someone is not cooperate at all.
though nothing happens in the process of making one thing, but it shows that all of us did the things but another one just get benefits with doing nothing!
i don't know whether the one is cheating us or fool us, or just don't want to do anything.
the one who spoke more than me or even us, in front of teacher or in front of us? i don't know =X
i don't know i should judge u as?

keep rating who is the highest ranking in th class is so fun?
it makes me crazy and even want to Shout Out Loud.
i am just a normal girl.
a girl who will easily have a tear dropping.
while, i tell myself that i won't cry on my worse result.
in the meanwhile, i get stimulate by someone.
i will make it possible.
i promise!

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