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Sunday, April 11, 2010

p/s: i wonder why she so like the song..it is effin nice song!! like it!
i declare that this article is quite long..
so, listen to me ~ be Patient xD

first of all..
i headed to my school and then went to CLHS penang by bus
credit to KIWANIS key club joint installation
the programme was not so smooth as they want
you noe i noe~ it was their 1st time bang!
reached school at 1pm..
it was soooooooo exhausted!! @.@

2pm headed to BM tuition
luckily still can concentrate

but it was the sharpest point that cause me to post the ytd history ^^
CLHS Penang orchestra Concert!!!
i want to mention that i've been loving their awesome enchor!!
the song was joined up three different songs
it amazed me and somemore!
share my creation with you!

their booklet! 钟琴,诗韵

just play and play!

zuzu said that my eyes look seductively~ hah!

like the green effect! belong to natural.

zuzu somemore act like sim yee's boy~hah.

she said:'what you want huh?'

wow! amazing effect and the strong feel she did!

nah,this gal's skin so-called-as-white-as-PAPER!! XD

i dun like my skin colour! wait me to be 'whiten'..

four gals!

what did the girl who wore dark-blue-tee do? she said she is sampat* =P!

dear shu qin

3 gals

she didn't tell me tat she want to pose like this way..but i did capture it hah.

few guys like this pic wor..

what was she doing?

*ignore my skin colour >

*actually i cannot wear sandals..shhhhhh*

simyee and zu!

gonna off and go to bath
and complete my tons of homework! ><
*i hope i can burn all my books =X*
bye. =)

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