it looks dark

Saturday, April 17, 2010

i had spent my friday nite to heng yee high school chinese orchestra concert
just no comment..well...nice job~
lazy to post the photo..
next time la har =) hee~

let's relate to the title that i want to express
....i think most of guys who same age with me are looking for their future and
one day, they maybe realize what i talk about...
future looks dark. dumb. and hard.

let's take a look what i demand for

toyota alphard!!! awesome car
i like it so muchieesss!!
when do i get it?
i think 30++ lo~phew
so i can just demand for a myvi
a cute myviiiiiiii.

if i own a'll be convenience so much!
hah..y? dun need to look at the 'driver' face
could i? yet, it's an unknown. =(


i need it when i'm graduate
for convenience,too!
i like the pink one..also white!!!

gorgeous white!!!
i can't afford to buy it..dumb again~

important yet difficult to achieve..
the job which i prefer to
but i realize that the job is hard to survive in M'sia!!
how i make it huh? do teach me =)

i wish to design and do a wedding gawn for my wedding *BIG sigh.

when do i realize my ambition?
wish to stand like this way! (below)

oh ya~it looks hard and difffffffffff...
but i'll try my best!

last but not least

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