the 2 weeks

Sunday, March 28, 2010

alright. talk about my exam..
nono! is my result~
my target is totally hard to fulfill
evertime i hope i will get a better result..
but god played me..
my effort doesn't display

SKIP this~
yesterday..prefects board had organized a marching comp
so we have to prepare
reli very very very busy
FRIDAY..some guys prepared for opening ceremony til midnight
but i back early
but it didn't over 9pm
SATURDAY..4smth woke up, 5.30am went school to meet them
8smth the comp is processing
a lot of problems had been occured
was the time to be suffered and tired
went home at 6smth
wat to do? wat the sign?
legs couldn't effort to stand for long time
so? got to bed early LOL~

erm~do u want to know the result?
best commender:BSMM unit-42
basic: Champion~BSMM unit-42
1st runner up~ PA team B
2nd runner up~ Girl Guides (if mistaken, i'm sorry and tell me for corretion.thx)
best basic in formation: PA team A
best formation: KRS
overall: champion~KRS
1st runner up~BSMM unit-42
2nd runner up~PA team A

those who did not get the best, please dun still have the oppoturnities to win..

get to end the article.

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