Day 3

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

today is the day 3 of chinese new year~
dint go out tiok~
boring hell!

ytd went grandma house took one...
bla bla bla~

editing my photo lo...

my dearly shoes!
the nail colour not sooo nice~ i noe =.=

my creation~wink*
mention* this is not the photo tat i want to take it in participating contest..
i intend to put in graduation magazine

i intend to take part in a photo contest
oops* not intend~is ady take part in lolz~
hope the comp judges will suka akan my shot!

time passed very fast! eww@@
today is day 3 louuu...
do nothing~
just fb+ing plus blogging

awaiting day 5 coming!
gotta hang out wif our yuyu & zuzu
& yc tai too
i got quite long time dint step into cinema kaaa!

go bai bai~pray...

SZ ar!

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