2010 CNY~

Friday, February 12, 2010

do everyone ready to celebrate it?
hehe, still got 1 day to CNY!!!
a brand new chinese new year!!
a prosperity year for everyone!!

i got a quite long time dint blogging d
sorry to mr. blogger...
i am here to tel all of you the incident tat happened around us!
last week saturday ma our school merentas desa luu~
wat a tired day i hav!

meng key n me!

hooi shan n m3~

zuzu and susu~

zuzu, susu and yuyu

the L1 (boy) 6th winner with me!! hehe~ proud saa

yuyu and zuzu~

zuzu and yuyu's lit bro! he is so cute!!

woh~the P1 (gal) 25th winner n me~

do u see our eyes? chicken eyes~

yi n me

ah yan n me~

my 3 years deskmate n me~shan!

yc tai~ she said nice shot! haha~

Going to eat 团圆饭~
this is organized by SIM youth club...
my family club~
bye bye!

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