sunway plus megamall trips

Friday, December 18, 2009

today 10.15pm, i depart from my uncle house to school
okc, gts, ljy n me went to sunway carnival mall fetch by zhengwei's mum
i'm late~ zzzzz....paise lo...let u all wait..hehe
then aft tat we arrive at sunway carnival mall
we went to reject shop, hang ten, body glove, giordano and f.o.s
finally we get into giordano~
hehe...firstly, we gonna buy '永恒'(purple colour n green colour)
but finally we chose 'your choice laugh or cry n your choice do or don't
we have spent almost 1 hr n 15 mins in giordano shop~ewwwww
coz of lacking of the stocks...
n i earn a giordano membership card...woohoo~
haha...aft tat all of us very hungry...went mc donald to hav our lunch
we went to bus stop to take a bus to megamall...coz okc wan to watch bodyguards n assasins...sunway posted 18SG~sweat!
hehe...then we waited for the bus about 30 mins...
finally get it..then we arrived at megamall around 3pm~
we chose bodyguards n assasins~4.30pm
still got 1 n half an hour...
we went to bowling centre..we bought a person then we 4 ppl share a court..
after playing bowling..
then gts n okc went to buy bread in bread history...
after tat we went into the cinema...
watch lo~lolx
the movie was damn nice!
the fighting very amazing...altot very cruel~hehe
bodyguards and assasins~

aft dad reached at taxi stop there...
he fetch gts, okc n lzw bek to school...
after tat i got my dinner wif my dad n bro......THE END!^^

Truthly by Woan♥♥♥

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